Performance Measurement of Mini Steam Power Plant at Variable Flow Rate of Steam and Load


  • Muhammad Amin Sarhad University of Science and IT Peshawar




Attaining optimal energy conversion in thermodynamics system, such as, in the steam turbine power plants (STPP), is a complex task due to the involvement of several factors. A study about the Performance Measurement and various parameters of a Mini Steam Turbine Power Plant along with their theoretical models has been carried out. This power plant is working on the Rankine cycle and using steam as working-fluid, produced in the boiler, the enthalpy of this steam (mostly superheated) is harnessed in the steam turbine, where it expands and produces output power, then from the turbine exit the steam is cooled back to condensate in a condenser, from where the resulting condensate is brought back to the feed water tank so that it could be supplied to boiler to keep the cycle repeating. This plant is facilitated by a monitoring section which consists of a control console along with pressure, temperature and rpm indicators. The expansion ratio, actual and isentropic power and corresponding efficiencies are the important parameters in the quantitative analysis in order to determine the performance of the steam turbine power plant. These parameters are evaluated at the turbine speed 1500 rpm approximately while the generator load was kept varying. An overall view of the Mini Steam Turbine Power Plant Rig is also stated. Improvements in the performance of power plants were also highlighted. For further improvements, this review highlighted some of the areas for further research and made recommendations for improvement in some aspects of the existing STPP.

Author Biography

Muhammad Amin, Sarhad University of Science and IT Peshawar

Department of Mechnical Engineering

Lab. Engineer


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