Modeling of FRP Strengthened Masonry Wall under In-plane Lateral Loading



Civil Engineering


Masonry is an old and commonly used building material in the world. However, due to its brittle nature, it is vulnerable to earthquake loads. Strengthening of masonry walls with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets is one of the techniques used to strengthen masonry walls. Numerical analysis is crucial to study the behavior of structures under various boundary conditions. This paper aims to numerically study and analyze the effect of fiber reinforced polymer sheets. In particular, various geometrical configurations of the FRP sheets on masonry walls are analyzed using the finite element modeling (FEM) approach. ABAQUS software is used for the finite element modeling. A macro-modeling approach is adopted for modeling masonry, in which masonry is considered as homogenous and isotropic continuum. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheets with different patterns are applied on masonry walls. Different configurations include: single diagonal, vertical, horizontal and FRP lamina on the whole wall. Cohesive interaction is used for the bond between masonry and FRP sheets. The analysis is performed under in-plane loading condition. The numerical results indicate that tensile stresses from the masonry is taken by the FRP sheets which significantly increased the strength of the wall. Numerical results also revealed that among different patterns of FRP sheets on masonry wall, single diagonal FRP pattern was efficient and more economical.


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