Muhammad Iqbal Khan Khalil, Wajid Ali, Ismail Khan, Imtiaz Ali


To build RF based hand gesture robot which can be controlled through RF technology, where the decision of the gesture will be taken on behalf of image processing in MATLAB. To control the motion of the robot i.e. moving forward, moving backward, moving left and moving right. Moreover the information regarding direction will also be displayed on the transmitter end. In this system microcontroller is used as a central part to control the movement and direction of the Robot. The movement of the robot is controlled by hand gesture, the robot moves at a particular direction where hand gives a gesture. In this system for the detection of hand movement, DIP(digital image processing) tool is used which detect the hand and give information to the microcontroller which gives command to the transmitter. The transmitter transmits the desire signal to receiver side. The receiver gives command to microcontroller on the receiver side and the robot moves toward the desire place or direction.  

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