Abdur Rehman, Salman Saeed, Muhammad Sagheer Aslam, Muhammad Waleed Khan


Due to the speedy increase in population, the solid waste management issues are becoming a challenge for the developing countries. Unhealthy collection, improper transportation and open dumping of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is causing a serious threat to the environment and the people residing in the surroundings. In Pakistan, unsustainable way of solid waste management, lack of the authorities to deal with effectively with the MSW and least vision of the society towards the emerging issues of the solid waste is depicting the worst situation in the country. To highlight the significant Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) issues in the developing countries of the world, Peshawar city has been selected as a case study. Peshawar city is experiencing serious environmental issues due to speedy urbanization pace, rapid industrialization, deficiency of the authorities to manage the solid waste issues properly and lack of public awareness towards the challenging issue. Open dumping of the MSW on the open lands, utilized as dumping sites are responsible for the environmental problems increasing day by day. The research findings clearly reveal the MSWM crises in the city. Improper MSWM practices are not only creating air, land and water pollution but it also causes the blockage of open drains, smaller canals and ruining the aesthetics of the city.

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