Zahid Hussain


The capital cold of this research work is to access the availability of 5 MN hydraulic press and to abate it’s down time in order to ensure maximum plant production capacity rate and to implement an advance and modern preventive maintenance engineering management aliment schedule. This work is agitated out on hydraulic press installed and in working condition in Frontier Ceramics Ltd Peshawar - Pakistan where various undesired and performance gradated breakdowns were centrally focused and analyzed forth with the perilous components of machine, which were beneath breakdown action which were further determined and analyzed though various maintenance techniques. Considering the motives of research, these undesired failures have been scrutinized and reviewed using famous Cause and Effect Analysis with Fish Bone diagram and 5-why techniques and consequently the root cause of these potential failures were investigated. Following these valuable measures the existing machine availability has dramatically enhanced up to a convinced level that will also upturn the required scheduled plant production capacity leading to diminish all the undesired possible maintenance rates and decreases the frequency of machine down time. This in about-face facilitated to advance new-fangled preventive maintenance checklists of determined period for the betterment of machine performance and obviously helpful to avert the possible degrading of machine before it truly transpires. This research work is principally marking at plummeting abandoned spell like sudden failures and to enhance the plant current manufacturing capacities achievement through accretion machine availability, mean time between failures and mean time between failures of critical components of machine that need extensive maintenance techniques and skills. Obviously this work has been accomplished by optimum operation of time necessary for required maintenance, scrutiny regularity as recommended by plant stockholder and of course a considerable opportunity of prior professional practice.

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