Ishtiaq Khan, Dr. Gohar Abbas, Dr. Sadia Shiekh, Dr. Riffat Aisha


Purpose: The main focus of this study is to explore issues and challenges pertaining to the Sports Goods Industry and Economic Growth with reference to Pakistan. Methods and Materials: Five years of available data (from 2013-2017) on exports of sports goods from Pakistan was used to conduct this study. The data were collected from the Product Report Sports Goods, Market Research Report: Sports goods exports of Pakistan published by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. Results: Results revealed that 6.41% of Pakistan’s exports of the share of Sports Goods. Men’s shirts and balls constituted the main goods that are mainly exported to European countries like Germany, United States and the United Kingdom. Conclusions: From the study findings, it is concluded that Pakistan’s sports industry exports can be increased by addressing the issues faced in the manufacturing of the export sports goods i.e., overcoming the power shortage issues, government relaxation in tariffs and subsidies, provision of ISO certifications, and serious promotional efforts by country’s foreign missions abroad.


Sports Goods, Challenges, Pakistan Economic Growth, Sports Industry

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