Abida Naseer, Abdul Waheed Mughal, Saeed Javed


Background: The study was conducted to explore the relationship between attitudes related to gender script, threaten/harassed, getups, male interaction, and jealousy, and sports participation of professional and student women athletes. The present research was quantitative approach in nature. The response rate from 247 respondents including 120 professional sports women and 127 female student athletes (GC University Faisalabad) was noted beyond 300 sample size. For the purpose of data collection, structured survey questionnaire was developed. Descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis statistical approaches through SPSS-25 were applied to edit and further analyze the collected data. The findings revealed that attitudes (gender script, threaten/harassed, getups, male interaction, and jealousy) faced by women athletes had significant relationship with sports participation. Results indicated that gender script, threaten/harassed, getups, male interaction, and jealousy had significant effect on sports participation of professional and student women athletes in determining women’s status in society. It was concluded that sports women are threated/harassed with other ground realities such as gender script and dominance, getups, male interaction, and jealousy in the way of their participation in sports. There is a need of campaign in Pakistani society for the equal rights of women in sports. Female coaches should also be hired to lead the sports women because they feel easy with them and it will reduce women’s exploitation and hesitation and expand the participation in sports in future.


Community, Effectiveness, Effective School, Factors, Parents, Relationship

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