Muhammad Zeb Khan, Syed Gohar Abbas, Raham Zeb


Traditional games including Kabaddi, Chilli, and Skhy etc., played in Nihagdara (District Dir Upper) have been under pressure for the last two decades due to the advent of modern games such as cricket, volleyball, and video games.  The fervor for modern games seems to be cultural than concerns about health, psychological wellbeing, and social interaction.  Skhy (Calf), which was so popular in Nihagdara, has particularly suffered over the last years.  This study explores the reasons for the downfall of traditional games with special focus on Skhy in Jatgram, Rambial, and Maskari.  Using the case study method, the research collected data from both adults and youngsters through interviews and focus group discussion.  Data was analyzed through descriptive statistics (Frequency Distribution) to make sense of how and why Skhy became unpopular.  The results show that cultural onslaught has been the main reason for downfall of traditional games including Skhy in addition to the apathy of local community in preserving its traditions and sports.


Traditional games, Skhy, Culture, Physical Health

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