Farooq Hussain, Dr. Salim ullah Khan, Dr. Riasat Ali


The aim of the study is to investigate difference in levels of pre-competition anxiety in athletes of both sexes. The components of pre competitive anxiety was assessed by using the instrument (Urdu version) of competitive state anxiety inventory -2 (CSAI-2) Martens, Vealeyand Burton (1990) was a set of questionnaire consisting of 27 items equally divided into 3-sub scales of cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety & self-confidence. The subjects (N=720), included male (360) & female (360) athletes of team sports (games), Volley ball, Basket Ball, Hand Ball and individual sports (games), Table Tennis (single), Badminton (single) & athletics with age 16-27 years. The CSAI-2 was administered one hour before the competition. Results were analyzed using student t-test.

These findings showed no significant difference in cognitive anxiety and self-confidences however, significant difference was observed in somatic anxiety level among male and female subjects.


Anxiety, athletes, gender, pre-competitive, somatic, cognitive.

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