Omer Younas, Muhammad Zeb Khan, Ismail Khan


Agricultural production plays an important role both in national and global economies. The efficient and safe methods of sustainable agricultural production is crucial, and the use of information technology is imperative to meet this end. Among the available information technology tools, this study highlights the IT based cognitive solutions supported with the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for sustainable solutions in the agriculture sector of developing economies. For this purpose, a systematic review of 87 papers has been conducted in the chosen last 20 years from 2000 to 2019 to identify the major trends, challenges, limitation related to the applicability of AI supported cognitive solutions in the agricultural industry of developing countries. The results derived from the systematic literature review represents some major flaws in the existing technological & cognitive solutions being used for agriculture means in the developing economies, with special emphasis on the lack of advanced AI techniques that are required for development of robust and precise farming methods. This is due the farmers’ inability to use sustainable technological solutions that are limited by the high cost of available technological tools. Moreover, contrary to other disciplines of science, a human expertise is scare and very costly in the agriculture industry. Hence, there is a need to actively introduce the concept of AI in the agriculture sector by making AI more viable and affordable for the farming community in the developing economies. Besides, there is also a need to create a centralized AI model for the agriculture industry which will integrate AI into a single central system for the entire economy that could be used in various enterprises of the agriculture industry.B


Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Agricultural Industry, Sustainable Agriculture, Developing Countries.

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