Muhammad Ali Musarrat, Omair Inderyas, Sheharyar Khan, Dr. Abid Ali Shah


Construction phase is the big problem in large construction business in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The construction of large industry plays important role for economy growth, development and evolution in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Delay causes a wide range of negative impact on construction projects. Current research focuses on the main flaws which impart delay in projects in sight of various industrial stakeholders which are clients, consultants and contractors. Current study is intended to identify and evaluate the factors causing delay and effects of delays in construction projects of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. The survey was conducted through validated questionnaire from structured interview and pilot survey to collect the responses on the causes of delay and delay effects. Client, consultants, and contractors were asked by questionnaire on the causes and effects of the delays. To analyze the data, statistical formula used to calculate the importance of the causes and effects of the delay through Relative important index (RII). After the outcome of the research fifteen (15) factors to cause delays and nine (9) factors of the effects of delays are examined. The top ranked of the reasons for the delays is the lack of Fund to finance the project to completion. While the top ranked of the effects of the delays is time overrun. By adding weight to these factors of trust in the people of the province will be restored to the correct way of mega-projects. Also provide these crucial attention factors, projects can be abstained from more than budgeting and will be useful to gain time and work area.


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