Muddasar Nawaz, Farhan Zulfiqar, Mohammad Bilal


 In this paper, response of newly installed digital governor of Tarbela Power Station has been checked. During testing different parameter like speed of the hydro generator after load rejection, step response of MW, relief valve timing were checked and comparison of previous installed electromechanical governor is also illustrated. Previously in Tarbela, Electromechanical Governor was installed which was replaced with digital governor in 2014. This newly installed Governor has Mark VIe Control System which is designed by G.E (USA) for retrofitting the turbine control system at Tarbela. The Mark VIe software is easy-to-use for configuration and diagnostic tools aid in the startup and maintenance of the system. Digital governors are more cost-effective in the long haul as compared to the electromechanical governor as they are maintenance free. In case of failure of any electronic component, the replacement process is very simple. Testing of all field devices of the digital governor is very easy to use and can be easily maintain over the years. The accuracy of the digital devices is very high and also plays a pivotal role. It is true that mechanical devices can be reliable and accurate, but the digital ones are definitely superior in terms of accuracy.

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