Wasal Khan, Kifayatullah Khan, Obaid Ullah, Khisro Kaleem Raza


The evidence shows that the education system is shambles in Pakistan and specifically of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The schools critically require change. Transforming these schools into successful schools requires investigation of elements adding to viability. This investigation was carried in the Secondary Schools of Boys' situated in the province KP, Pakistan. The number of inhabitants consisting of guardians in the examination, having children’s in the pre-mentioned schools.  As a basic, the guardians having the responsibility to view in tutoring of their kids as more imperative partners. Examples contained purposively chosen 120 guardians (working in different fields). They were picked proportionately from 30 examined Secondary Schools of Boys' in which 26 are private and 4 open segment). The significant instrument for gathering of information are meetings with purposively chose guardians. These meetings were held with guardians in each inspected school having children’s in the tenth class. The different nature parameters of meeting were selected. The information consisting of subjective and quantitative treatment. The examination outcome uncovered various components in view of guardians' reactions and desires which, as per the investigation, could help enhance school adequacy


Community, Effectiveness, Effective School, Factors, Parents, Relationship

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