Impact of Motivation and Performance Expectancy on Women Entrepreneurial Intention

Muhammad Imran Hanif, Syeda Purva Bukhari, Shakeel Ahmad, Kinza Ijaz


The purpose of this paper is to review the Motivation and performance expectancy to explore the commonalities of the present theories among the women entrepreneur intentions to boost up the business enterprises. In a fact-finding study information were gathered about the aptitude of motivation and performance expectancy to foresee the Intention of the women’s being examined by the sample of 150women in Pakistan March 2020. A mixed method evaluation design has been adopted in this study. Analysis of regression model uncovered the result that the connection between performance expectations and motivation was intruded positively by entrepreneurial intention of women toward business. The sample is restricted to women entrepreneurs, limiting the generalizability of the findings. The analyses of the influence of motivation variable towards women entrepreneurial intention furnishes us with inspiration to inquire about on the developing questions of how and why females are turning out to be more business people these days. This research supports the progression of study on motivation, performance expectancy variables and its relationship to women entrepreneurial intention in an assortment of settings.


Women Entrepreneur, Intention, Motivation, Performance Expectancy.

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ISSN 2521–5515