Work Behavior of Primary School Teachers

Muhammad Hamid, Bakhshenda Begum, Wasal Khan, Rukhshanda Mushtaq


The current study aims to identify the task patterns of primary school teachers in public and private sectors. The objective of the study was to find out the performance of teachers in schools and to identify the gaps affecting their performance for possible rectifications. In this regard, the respondents were selected including male and female teachers from urban and rural setup, district level administrators and supervisors using random sampling. The data were collected from interview with the school administrators and supervisors and from official documents treating with both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The results reveal that there were no written job descriptions for teachers and those unwritten required them to be punctual, dutiful and committed to the profession of teaching. In the light of results and findings, it was recommended that the deficiencies and gaps and task patterns of primary school teachers could be improved by providing incentives to teachers and transports facilities to supervisors, provide an effective supervision of schools for proper professional and administrative support to teachers and students.

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ISSN 2521–5515