Participatory Agricultural Development in Baluchistan: A Critical Assessment

Abdul Rasheed


This study evaluates the performance of participatory agriculture sector
comprising both crop and livestock sub-sectors. Using two different sample survey data, the paper tries to answer the important research questions how it is more efficient and why the intended benefits of projects reach in a greater amount, to the large farmers in the context of province, The study, under the objectives of efficiency and equity, found Positive diversification towards high value crops indicating the rapid adoption of new technology. Livestock including diary farming produced more positive financial benefits. The benefits achieved, however, were found more skewed towards large farmers and feudal class. The paper therefore, suggests more pro-poor and sustainable efforts to enhance the performance of farmers based agriculture development especially by balancing efficiency and equity. The lessons drawn from the experiences are important
and valid for designing and evaluating the future participatory program especially in the field of farming and livestock sub-sectors.


Cropping intensity; Participatory Development; Social Capital and Diversification

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