Profitability Analysis of Poultry Farming

Muhammad Adnan Khan


The study was undertaken in District Nowshera with the objective to analyze the
profitability of poultry farming enterprises of the area. For this purpose 26 farms were randomly selected. Economic efficiency measures of net benefits, benefit-cost ratio and grass margin were used to identify and highlight the bench marks for analyzing the profitability. The impact of non-financial factors like education and experience of farmers on firms' profitability was also analyzed with regression analysis. The regression analysis shows that farmers' education and experience were positively affecting farmers' profitability, whereas mortality of birds was negatively affecting the profitability of farmers. It is recommended that credit facility should be provided to farmers so that they can buy inputs from the cheapest source. Subsidy on feed and one day check can decrease the cost of production significantly which may help in the promotion of broiler industry.


Profit: Net Benefit; Benefit Cost Ratio; Grass Margin; Experience; Education; Mortality of Birds.

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