Execution of Artificial Intelligence Approach in Human Resource Management Functions: Benefits and Challenges in Pakistan

Munaza Bibi


Artificial intelligence has a theatrical effect on management of the workforce in the future. This paper has highlighted the benefits and challenges to adoption of artificial intelligence approach in human resource management functions in Pakistan. Artificial intelligence-based human resource applications have robust potential to increase employee performance, engagement & retention while it also helps to reduce turnover, errors, time & biases in HR decision making. Artificial Intelligence needs to be incorporated by the organization in Pakistan for effective people management and HR decisions. Reluctance to the adoption of artificial intelligence in human resource management functions can demonstrate the devastating effect on the overall growth of the organization; thus, human resource leaders should prepare and train the human resource for the adoption of artificial intelligence & also address the concerns regarding man & machine interactions at the workplace. Yet, artificial intelligence cannot substitute the human element in human resource management, although if artificial intelligence united with capabilities of a human, would fetch on more intelligent solutions for HR. Hence, in today’s world, artificial intelligence is a formula for the success of HR.



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31529/sjms.2018.5.1.8


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