The impact of negative ties on turnover intentions

Misbah Haq, Kamal Badar, Syed Gohar Abbas


Knowledge based industries where human capital is very important are increasingly concerned about retaining human talent. We use a social network perspective to determine the effect of negative ties on an employee’s turnover intentions. Interpersonal dislike ties and conflicting ties are hypothesized to be positively related to turnover intentions, keeping job fit and sacrifice as control variables. Collecting sociometric and conventional data from 100 employees in an organization related to security and information of Pakistani individuals, OLS regression reveled that an employee’s number of dislike ties has a positive and significant impact of employee’s turnover intentions. Whereas an employee’s number of conflicting ties does not significantly impact turnover intentions.

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ISSN 2414-2336 (Print), ISSN 2523-2525 (Online)